Don’t Be Surprised


Some rumors are bouncing around and I’ve already made announcements to my inner circle of newsletter subscribers, but now it’s time to make it public –

I’ve moved and changed. This is nothing new.  Those who have known me for years and those who have read my CV (that’s a fancy academic word for resume’) know that I’m always seeking new things and especially trying to pin down the truth.

I closed my office in American Canyon (in the Napa Valley) as of Jan 1 and I’m now in the beautiful Central California town of Pismo Beach.  My husband and I are no strangers to the area, as we lived here (in nearby San Luis Obispo) about 12 years ago, when I had a contract as a prison psychiatrist at the California Men’s Colony –one of the better state incarceration facilities.  By “better” I mean, not inhumane and cruel –unlike some of the others I’ve seen.

I am still doing what I always do, although during the transition I didn’t get a lot of my writing published.  It is now making its way onto my various web sites.  And of course, those who are interested in keeping up with what I’m doing can always be first to know by signing up for my free, non-commercial newsletter.  That box up in the right hand corner of this page is where you simply “opt-in” by sending me your email address.

One new project I’m working on is a follow-up to my 2012 book “This Is NOT A Diet Book.”  The title is “Mindful Eating.”

Excerpts, rough drafts and behind-the-scenes commentary will be posted on my Massive Weight Loss site, where I share the methods I used to lose around 200 lbs. without diet, exercise, drugs or surgery.

And although I haven’t committed anything to video yet, I am working on my live presentations and will soon be placing tips on YouTube as well as my own web sites.  If you know me at all, you will understand that I eschew dull, dry lectures for song, dance, jokes and other fun ways to get my message across.

So the message is – don’t be surprised if you are always surprised by me.  The best is yet to come.

And now, back to my regular “Saving-The-World.”

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