Most of the time I see a single piece of research related to psychiatry reported by multiple news services, I figure the institution that produced it has a prizewinning public relations person.  I figure it is popular for some kind of unspoken agenda.

Maybe it is consistent with some level of political correctness.

Do you think that’s a cynical thought?  Perhaps I should be a little more cautious. Read more on Cynicism and Alzheimer’s…

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She was 38 and attractive, by any measure, but she was manic. Sleeping was a problem, despite some pretty high doses of prescription drugs.  She was open about her past; surprisingly.  She had been recently dismissed from her eleventh hospitalization.  She was 10 days out, and would have been living on the street if the county had not sprung for accommodations in a less than glamorous motel.  She had not a penny to her name.  She was in the area where I was only because she had once had some friends there.  Now all her friends were either gone or dead.

Her teeth were mostly missing.  I did not ask her to remove her ill-fitting wig, for I wanted her to keep whatever pride she had been able to preserve.Her face was worn, but her cheekbones proud and high.

She had not expected a female physician.  She said she always got tired old men with white beards.  She said I was too attractive to be a psychiatrist.  That I probably could have done well in her profession, had I dared too.  I thanked her for what I took as an amazing compliment; what else could I do? Read more on Victimless Prostitution? Think Psychiatric Victims…

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