James Coan


I remember the time when the only person who ever held my hand was my mother of blessed memory, with my father of blessed memory as a rare substitute.  I mean, if the four of us, both parents and my brother and I, went for a walk, my father would get the better behaved child, who was definitely me.

Mommie had told me quite clearly that I could not cross the street without holding a hand.  We lived near an expressway, and cars went fast.

Many years later, when I brought my husband to the parental house to meet her, she was gratified that I did not have to navigate this treacherous place without the anchor of my hand, and that I never had.  A tad overprotective, perhaps, but like a therapist colleague once said after meeting my family, better they are like this than like the ones who don’t give a damn. Read more on I STILL Wanna Hold Your Hand…

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