Dr. Robert Schuller


It has been over ten years since my husband and I visited this often-quiet community in Nevada.  Gambling, resorts, a legal whorehouse not far out of town, pawn shops, bars; standard Nevada. Only the faintest echoes of the silver boom, people grasping for the romance, the all-night party feeling.  We are not big gamblers, but we did some shows, and the party feeling was good for a weekend.

That was ten years ago.  Now, there are a bunch of people looking for free beer, not caring about its quality.  People talking about getting “wasted” and nobody, but nobody, talking about having “fun” doing it. There is a pall over the gambling halls.  People are counting their pennies on 99cent specials.  There are certainly no echoes whatsoever of the silver boom, and no evidence of romance, and only two or three people sitting in a room full of slot machines.

Some of what I do is very analytical.  I actually figure out how many mg. of medication or supplement someone needs as a function of their weight.  I think of the chemical reactions in their body that are either not working at all, or are working overtime. Some of what I do–sometimes I am surprised to know just how much and how effective it is–is feeling; is intuitive.  Whether we are where the rich people go or where the poor people go, I feel fear.  I am sure that this fear comes from feeling that the economy is “bad.” Read more on Don’t Get Wasted — Get Busy!…

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