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I saw him at a public clinic back in the days when I usually just took care of renewing people’s prescriptions.  He seemed rather average for someone in his forties who lived on the streets and looked like he did. But he seemed to want me to know that he was “special,” that there was more for him than just coming in for a prescription refill.

LyingHe told me that he was related to a well-known television star currently starring in a popular series.  This was Southern California, after all, and I have been involved in more than one case where these relations were real.  Sometimes I even get phone calls from celebrities to confirm relations, although more often, I get to see signed pictures.  This patient did not have any.  I admitted that I had never heard of either the star or the series, which caused this patient a bit of distress.

He started telling me about horrible things his dentist had done to him.  Given the state of his dentition, it was likely that he had never had so much as a check-up or teeth-cleaning in his life. Read more on A Biological Cause For Lying?…

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One of my special shrink magazines had a story headlined: “DUI offenses may signal untreated Bipolar Illness” in the November 2009 issue.

Since you have to sign up for a free account to read the article, and since they prefer you be a mental health professional, I’ll just tell you about it.

I don’t think you have to have twenty years of medical school and psychiatry training to reach the conclusion that anyone who has DUIs — especially a bunch of DUIs — should be screened for bipolar disorder.  This radical conclusion was reached by Dr. Mark J. Albanese of Harvard Medical School and his colleagues report. Read more on Dual Diagnosis — Two Ways To Describe One Thing…

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