She was in her thirties and had miscarried, again.  Proof that the universe is infinite in its wisdom, she had failed to carry past three months a child conceived while she was hooked on crack.  To say I was relieved was to put it mildly.

She already had two children in her care, aged 9 and 7.  I had sent Child Protective Services to check them out.  Her mom and extended family seemed to be participating in their care.  They seemed to be doing pretty well.

She was not only unhappy; she was angry. I had been so careful.  Taken her off any medications that had a serious chance of causing malformations in an unborn child.  Keeping her on just enough to keep her from hearing voices and “body-slamming” herself into a wall.  Something the voices, she said, told her to do. Not a very good thing for a woman to do who was pregnant, so we kept her on a little medicine.  Always checking with the California Board of Teratogenicity, a wonderful place where both patients and doctors could find out from the published medical literature just how dangerous prescriptions could be to unborn children.  Those who did not believe in abortion could work with their doctor about advantages and risks and being careful and trying to do the right thing. Good God, this was a woman who had used crack. Read more on “The Abilify Doesn’t Work!”…

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