I really feel flattered and honored when someone comes up to me in a parking lot and tells me I have the best fashion sense he has ever seen.  It is especially nice because I am with my husband.  Usually this sort of thing happens when someone ambushes me during the 15 minutes or so I have been separated from my husband at Walmart, so I have to file a support with him after the fact.

But this time he was an eye witness.

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I have read a bit about how fashions are supposed to have an effect on the stock market and politics and heaven knows what else.

I wear fashions because of how they make me feel.  Today it was sunshine yellow because I was hit with a streak of optimism.

I have since heard of “fashion psychology” as a field. Fashion psychologists sit with women finding out what colors they have preferred, and what styles, and helping them choose a new wardrobe for, presumably, a happier future.

In this way, at least, I do not think I am so complicated.  I love the styles I grew up loving in the latter half of the twentieth century.

I could not purchase the clothes of female authority then, for I was both too financially challenged and too heavy.

My favorite color changed from blue to purple to hot pinks and magentas as I found a little success and optimism.

If you feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror, what you are wearing is a very good choice.

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While traveling extensively over the past year or so, I always check out “drop-in” dance classes when I get to a new city.

Fred Astaire and Eleanor PowellI’m serious.  In the past year I’ve taken lessons in belly dancing, burlesque strip-tease (you should have seen that one!), classical ballet and tap.

Seriously.  I can’t claim to be the next Eleanor Powell, but I have the basic steps down for real tap dancing.  And yes – I have real tap shoes – a couple of different kinds.

But I had a real problem trying to get enough “sound” out of my taps. After all, one of the goals of this art is to make some noise!  Otherwise it’s just “the old soft shoe.”  I believe, without too much in the way of pretention, that I was able to get my feet in the right place at the right time.  Other students, obviously younger, just seemed to have more slap in their tap.

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